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WordPress Plugin Development

    WordPress Plugin Development

    WordPress plugins allow us to take advantage of the update while keeping the WordPress core intact and adding new features to your site. You may keep ahead of the curve and have a powerful website by employing our WordPress plugin developers.

    Why opt for WordPress plugin development?
    Going into the depths of a WordPress website to make modifications is probably not the best way to create a one-of-a-kind site. Instead, we leverage WordPress plugins that can easily throw even more vibrant features. We don’t need to work with numerous layers of code anymore; all we need are plugins to increase the functionalities.

    Why should you hire Softlabx to create WordPress plugins?
    Our plugin experts will build strong, flexible, and high-performing plugins that meet the needs of your website. Contact us with your issue, and we’ll develop a plugin for you. Any complication during plugin run-time will be removed by our well-planned maintenance program. With our maintenance program, your website will remain intact and feature-rich.

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      Top most popular FAQs about WordPress Plugin Development

      What is WordPress?

      WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It’s software that helps you create, manage, and share your content on the web. Currently, WordPress has two flavors, WordPress.com (hosted) and WordPress.org (self-hosted). Themes purchased on Woocommerce.com can be used on self-hosted sites, or the business and ecommerce plans on WordPress.com.

      Where do I submit my plugin?

      Go to the add page and upload your zip. Your file should be under 10 megs and be a complete plugin. We do not accept placeholders or plugins that aren’t ready to be used.

      What happens after submission?

      You will get an automated email telling you about the submission immediately. At that point, someone will manually download and review your code. If we find no issues with the security, documentation, or presentation, your plugin will be approved. If we determine there are issues, you will receive a second email with details explaining what needs to be fixed.

      If my plugin has a problem, how long do I have to fix it?

      There’s no timeline and as long as we know you’re working on it and we feel you’re making progress, we’ll leave the review open. Your plugin will be rejected after 3 months, but the review will remain open.

      Why was my plugin rejected after three months?

      If your plugin review is not complete after three months, we will reject your submission in order to keep the queue maintainable. At any point in time, we have 700 people mid-review, and we figure that 3 months is a pretty reasonable time frame.

      How much time does it take to implement the WordPress plugin?

      Depending on how technical your team is, implementation time may vary. For companies with limited technical resources, the implementation time can be a bit longer. Mapping, embedding, and ensuring that the code is working correctly is the most significant piece of implementation.

      What if my plugin is over 10 megs?

      Double-check that you aren’t including unused files (like test folders, documentation, and full node/vendor folders). The majority of plugins that face this issue have included all sorts of development content that has no place in the final code.

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