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    Shopify Website Development


    Providing adequate Shopify e-commerce development for scalable, safe, and dependable solutions with better website performance. By building up an effective online e-commerce store, we can assist in providing a business-specific full shopping experience. In barely three years since its inception as a tiny firm, the commerce platform Shopify has grown tremendously. Its gross merchandise volume has surpassed $7 billion, and it now has over 150,000 store owners. Tobias Lutke, one of Shopify’s e-commerce platform founders, was unhappy with previous e-commerce platform alternatives. He built the storefront site with co-founders Daniel Weinand and Scott lake. You must be unsatisfied with what your competitors are doing in order to realize what’s potential in order to build a remarkable corporation or small business. When paul Zane Pitzer said, “Start your own little business when you’re a disgruntled customer,” he may have been correct.

    The value of excellent customer service cannot be overstated. While it is true that 96% of disgruntled consumers will not complain, over 90% of those disappointed customers will not return. Exquisite customer service and a positive client experience, on the other hand, foster loyalty. For eCommerce sites, this is critical. Poor customer experiences spread like wildfire and can eventually kill a firm, especially as a commerce platform, as Shopify understands. That is why, as an eCommerce website, they prioritize customer service in everything they do.


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      Top most popular FAQs about Shopify Website Development

      What exactly is Shopify?

      Shopify is an eCommerce solution platform that allows you to set up your own online shop. With Shopify, you can organize products, customize your shop, take payments, track and respond to orders and effortlessly run your online shop.

      Which countries and currencies are available to use with Shopify?

      Shopify works in just about every country and any currency, depending on the payment gateway.

      Where can I find tutorials and guides?

      There are plenty of tutorials and guides for your business on Shopify’s support center page as well as on the Shopify help wiki, which is a collaboration between the Shopify development team and Shopify users.

      How much does Shopify cost?

      After your 14-day free trial has expired, there are several plans to price the right features of your online store.

      How do I install Shopify?

      Since Shopify is a web-based eCommerce software, there is no installation required. Shopify works with all operating systems and automatically gets updated, so there is no need to install new updates.

      What do I need to do to start selling?

      The only thing you need to start selling with Shopify is an item to sell and a credit card to purchase your store. It’s that easy!

      Do you provide maintenance and support services after development?

      Although it is not necessary to be a designer, designers help you get the exact kind of design you want for your shop. Shopify comes with over 100 templates designed by professional designers. To get the right look customized to your shop, it always helps to work with a designer.

      What do I do when I get an order?

      When you get an order, you can log into your account and check out the details for that order. If you need to get more info from them, you can send an email straight from Shopify. After it is ready to be shipped, package the item up, send it to the address that was provided, and mark it as shipped in Shopify to keep track of orders!

      How do I get billed?

      With Shopify, every 30 days your website will be billed and invoiced unless you have set up an annual payment plan. An email notification will get sent out with a link to any fees that have occurred during that billing period, and your credit card will automatically be charged for the fees.

      Can I use my own domain name with Shopify?

      Yes, it is easy to register a domain with Shopify. To register your domain, first log into the Shopify store admin, click Preferences, then choose Domains & DNS. Or if your domain is already registered with a different provider, ask your domain registrar to point the domain to Shopify’s servers.

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