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    Mean development

    Softlabx CMS experts have extensive experience developing and customizing CMS solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expert team of developers can deliver exactly what you need, whether it’s a bespoke CMS platform like Joomla or WordPress.

    CMS integrations
    We integrate a wide range of key plugins, modules, and tools into your present cms solutions and business systems for a more simplified approach to your operations, with the goal of increasing efficiency and increasing ROI.

    CMS application development
    Our CMS developers use the most up-to-date technologies and industry trends to create SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and configurable cms solutions that can help you enhance your digital marketing efforts and optimize workflow management at a cheap cost.

    CMS migration
    We’ll do a website migration in order to update and rebuild your website to optimize the website loading speed, migrate away from outdated platforms, use HTTPS protocols, and allow your website to manage more traffic.

    CMS support & maintenance
    To provide interim support and maintenance of your custom CMS solution, website, or application, our team of dedicated cms programmers handles performance tuning, CMS architecture, caching, testing, SEO, and database query optimization.


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    We understand the design requirements of the internet ecosystem and our prosecution is largely professional. Our platoon is largely flexible that takes your requirements into consideration and designs results that fit your hand in glove. Having worked with global brands of different nature we’ve a robust exploration platoon to gather marketing intel before we do. We know just what you need to be the coming unicorn.

      Top most popular FAQs about Mean development

      What is the purpose of MongoDB?

      MongoDB is a document-oriented database manager designed for storing high volumes of data. It saves data in binary JSON format and implements the concept of collection and documentation. MongoDB is a cross-platform, NoSQL database equipped with high performance, high scalability, and flexibility that allow for seamless querying and indexing.

      What purpose does AngularJS serve?

      AngularJs is an open-source front-end web application development framework that is maintained by Google. It allows web developers to use HTML as their template language and extend HTML syntax to represent the components of a web app clearly and precisely.

      What is Mongoose?

      Mongoose is an object document mapper (ODM), which means that by using mongoose, you can define objects with a strongly-typed schema that can be further mapped to a MongoDB document. It offers a schema-based solution for modeling application data. Mongoose comes with built-in typecasting, validation, query building, business logic hooks, and many more out-of-the-box features.

      What is the purpose of ExpressJS?

      ExpressJs is a web application framework designed to support and host node.Js projects. It is an open-source framework available under the MIT license. Expressjs manages the workflow between the front-end and the database and facilitates a smooth and secure transfer of data. It boasts of excellent error handling and web design functionality to optimize the web development process.

      What is the function of Node.js?

      Node.Js is an open-source, cross-platform, single-threaded javascript framework that is used for developing server-side and networking applications. It is the backbone of the mean stack. Apart from javascript, node.Js also used c and c++ programming languages. Node.Js is equipped with an integrated web server that facilitates the smooth deployment of the MongoDB database and its cloud application.

      What purpose do indexes serve in MongoDB?

      In MongoDB, indexes are used to support and facilitate the efficient execution of queries. Without indexes, MongoDB has to perform a collection scan wherein it has to scan every document in a collection and select the appropriate documents that match the query statement. However, if each query has an appropriate index assigned to it, MongoDB can use the index to limit the number of documents it has to inspect.

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