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    WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, is being used by over 1.6 billion people on a regular basis to remain in touch with friends and family. WhatsApp Messenger has carved out a large market niche for itself by being safe, quick, and easy to use. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging software because of its excellent design aesthetics, interface, and end-to-end encryption as focus areas.

    Wanna know what exactly is a WhatsApp Business Chatbot?

    Simply explained, a WhatsApp chatbot is a software program that operates on the WhatsApp network and is controlled by a set of rules or, in some circumstances, artificial intelligence. It’s essentially a piece of software that allows you to have a human-to-human conversation via chat.

    These chatbots are set up to respond to customer questions in real-time on your behalf. The main benefit of a WhatsApp Bot is the ease with which it can connect with business clients and resolve their difficulties in real-time.

    You can provide much-needed support to your clients on the platform they use the most by using the service. This not only improves your client engagement, but it also improves your customer experience and helps you retain consumers over time.

    In fact, WhatsApp Business’s Chatbot is an innovative feature that benefits businesses in a variety of ways:

    -Interact with customers in a timely and effective manner.
    -Extend the company’s reach and availability.
    -Responding to consumer inquiries in real-time is a great way to help them.
    -Automatically send contextual responses
    -Customize the customer’s experience
    -Allow support staff to focus on more challenging queries.
    -End-to-end encryption makes consumer conversations more secure.
    -Reduce the sales cycle in half.
    -Improve your brand’s recognition


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      Top most popular FAQs about Whatsapp Chatbot

      What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

      Whatsapp chatbot is a software program that runs on an encrypted WhatsApp platform. Whatsapp users can communicate with a chatbot through the chat interface similar to talking to a real person.

      What are WhatsApp templates which are considered promotional as per WhatsApp?

      Advertising, marketing, or promotional messages are not permitted. Some examples of this include the following:
      1. Offering coupon codes and/or free gifts
      2. Upselling
      3. Sending a survey or poll to collect data
      4. Inclusion of certain words or phrases that make the message template promotional
      Apart from this, any Whatsapp Templates containing any potentially abusive or threatening content will get rejected.

      Is it possible to create a WhatsApp bot for group chat?

      The bot can create groups on its own and send out WhatsApp notifications in the group. In case you wish to chat with the chatbot, you can just type @chatbotname followed by your query, and you will get the answer you were seeking. The limit of the group is 125 members, which is set by WhatsApp.

      How does human takeover work? What if no agents are live?

      Mainly, you are the one who chooses the conditions of the takeover. You can choose to send agents notifications about incoming messages or, if they are offline or busy, offer users to book an appointment at a later time alternatively the bot will respond with an apology message that no agents are available right now, can you please check between 8 am to 6 pm. We can also raise a ticket so that agents can respond when they come back online.

      What type of content can be sent using a WhatsApp chatbot?

      You can send and receive text messages, audio content, URL, location information, images, videos, stickers as well as any document in any format. You can even send and receive emoticons, and the bot can capture user sentiments with the help of these emoticons.

      Can we create conversational ads on WhatsApp?

      Promotional templates are not allowed by WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can add a call-to-action button to your ad on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms that will open on WhatsApp. Audiences can engage with you on WhatsApp after clicking your ad.

      How long does it take for WhatsApp business API to start functioning?

      It takes around 2-3 weeks for the WhatsApp Business API to start functioning but it can vary depending on the use cases and API integrations opted.

      Without code can the WhatsApp bot be created?

      Yes, a simple FAQ bot can be created on WhatsApp without any code. If the use case is complex, we need to rely on code, or if it is just a faq bot, no need for code.

      How long does it take for the WhatsApp business API verification process?

      It takes 1-2 days for the WhatsApp business API verification process.

      What does it mean to be the WhatsApp partner?

      Typically Whatsapp business API verification and the template take a week. Our partnership with WhatsApp ensures zero wait time to get your business account verified and our conversational ai platform delivers smart conversations from day one.

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