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    Website Maintenance


    Website maintenance is the prerequisite for a business to harness a vibrant and long-lasting online presence. Constantly updated quality-rich content improves the interest of the viewers and maintains a good flow of traffic. No wonder, your website has to be checked regularly for bugs, efficient functioning of all the pages, current images, and many other tasks, which can only be handled competently by the professionals at Softlabx.

    Our experts are well-experienced and knowledgeable in maintaining your websites so that your business thrives on the freshest content, moves up the ranking on search engines by keeping up with the updated rules, and periodic up-gradation. We provide the most cost-effective website maintenance services in Delhi NCR, revise your web pages regularly, and assist you in maintaining a fresh and current profile.

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    Softlabx believes that website maintenance gives you a sustainable competitive edge and so we help you build and manage a competent website through our best skills and abilities. We work in tandem with the customer’s needs and upkeep their functional websites by revising, editing, and improving the web pages. When we maintain the client’s websites adeptly, they can focus on their core competencies and work towards a successful enterprise.

    Website maintenance encompasses the following services:

    Updates on websites like modification, deletion, and the addition of website content and pages, replacement of pictures, maintenance of email lists, uploading and pdf creation, etc.

    Development languages and technologies:

    Microsoft.Net, asp.Net, vb.Net, PHP, Java, Perl, ms office, active server pages (asp), java server pages (JSP), XML, XSL, soap, wap, WML

    Interface design tools, languages, and applications:

    Html, Dhtml, ajax, javascript, CSS, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, Macromedia flash

    Database servers:

    SQL Server, oracle, MySQL, access, Sybase

    Website add-ons:

    We provide effective website maintenance services to our clients so they can maintain their sites and keep them updated after the design work is done.


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      Top most popular FAQs about Website Maintenance

      How long does it take to get my changes made after I submit a maintenance request?

      If you purchase a maintenance contract, we typically complete the requested maintenance within three business days; although most of the time, we can get to it within 24 hours (on weekdays).

      Is my website “down” while you work on it?

      No, your website will not go down while we conduct routine maintenance work on it.

      Can you automatically make recurring updates?

      Yes. For example, if you have an rsvp that is the same every month, I.E. The 2nd Tuesday, we can schedule that occurrence and send you an email when it is complete.

      What is usually covered under a maintenance contract?

      Maintenance contracts cover routine changes such as adding a newsletter, changing contact info, adding employees, adding photos to a photo gallery, and most text updates. Note: if we think your changes will take longer than average, we can discuss a flat rate for services that include additional items, even a site re-design.

      Can I see the changes before you go live with them to make sure I approve?

      For WordPress sites, typically the changes are made to the live site. However, if you prefer to see the changes, then we can move a copy of your site to a development domain; make the changes; then seek your approval before we launch the updated development site to your live domain.

      Does my maintenance contract have an expiration date?

      Pre-purchased maintenance contracts expire one year after purchase.

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