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Software Maintenance

    Software Maintenance


    With our adaptable software maintenance services, you can boost your company’s efficiency. With the best software support services, we provide secure and stable software maintenance that focuses on essential business challenges.

    Our Software Maintenance Services

    With our continuous software maintenance and support services, you can increase your company’s productivity, sales, and scalability while saving money.

    Web Application Maintenance Services

    Softlabx is prominent online application maintenance and support service provider based in India with more than 6 years of experience in web application maintenance. We provide web application maintenance services for both our own and other suppliers’ web solutions.
    Softlabx is renowned online application maintenance and support service provider based in India with more than 9 years of experience in web application maintenance. We provide web application maintenance services for both our own and other suppliers’ web solutions.

    Mobile Application Maintenance Services

    Mobile application maintenance is becoming increasingly important as the market for digital devices and mobile applications grow, as does the number of defects and technology updates. We’re known for the unified approach to mobile application maintenance services. We provide strong mobile app maintenance services for all types of devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows, using our knowledge and expertise.
    You would have successfully created and released mobile applications for business productivity with dedicated app maintenance resources. We assist you in developing and maintaining the app solution you desire. We also provide end-to-end mobile application maintenance services to our clients to ensure the progressive longevity of these built apps.

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      Top most popular FAQs about Software Maintenance

      What is software maintenance?

      Softlabx software maintenance includes access to technical support and any software upgrades, patches, and bug fixes that may become available for your licensed software during the active term of your maintenance agreement. Software maintenance is also provided alongside a subscription license throughout the subscription term.

      What is meant by support expiration?

      Softlabx software is typically purchased with 12 months of software maintenance. Once this initial maintenance period comes to an end on the anniversary of your software license purchase, software maintenance services are no longer available unless renewed.

      What are the 4 types of system maintenance?

      Types: there are four types of systems maintenance:





      How can software maintenance be improved?

      7 Ways to Improve Software Maintenance
      Listen to your help desk.
      Engage QA.
      Consider a move to the cloud.
      Sunset the applications that aren’t returning a value.
      Always regression test.
      Use a standardized procedure for the installation of new software releases.
      Optimize your software maintenance team.

      What are software maintenance tools?

      Software maintenance tools are programs used by software engineers to increase their productivity for gathering data, detecting bugs, and managing their software.

      How much does software maintenance cost?

      Software maintenance renewal costs are calculated at 20% of the total licence fee. For example, if you purchase 500 licences initially, then purchase 250 further licences a month later, the maintenance will be calculated on the cost of the 750 licences. The cost of software maintenance is included within a subscription license.

      What should be included in software maintenance?

      Software Engineering | Software Maintenance
      Correct faults.
      Improve the design.
      Implement enhancements.
      Interface with other systems.
      Accommodate programs so that different hardware, software, system features, and telecommunications facilities can be used.
      Migrate legacy software.
      Retire software.

      What are software maintenance techniques?

      To perform software maintenance effectively, various techniques are used. These include software configuration management, impact analysis, and software rejuvenation, all of which help in maintaining a system and thus, improve the quality of the existing system.

      What are the major factors that affect software maintenance?

      Software-end factors affecting Maintenance Cost:
      Structure of Software Program.
      Programming Language.
      Dependence on the external environment.
      Staff reliability and availability.

      What are the benefits of software maintenance?

      Plan and schedule preventative maintenance.
      Manage work orders efficiently.
      Manage spare parts inventory.
      Eliminate paperwork.
      Enhance productivity.
      Reduce downtime and repair costs.
      Increase safety.

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