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Managed IT Outsourcing

    Managed IT Outsourcing


    IT outsourcing services can refer to hiring a third-party firm to do a single IT-related work, such as IT security or disaster recovery, or it can refer to “end-to-end” IT services assistance. Outsourcing your overall IT environment is becoming more popular in the industry, as it can reduce IT running expenses by 19% to 29% and provide the following benefits:

    -With proactive monitoring and control, you can limit system outages and the impact of any disturbance.

    -Allow existing IT professionals to concentrate on important business goals and projects.
    -Boost the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and workforce.
    -Reduce IT capital expenditures and turn them into operating expenses.
    -Contracting for certain services and support can help you keep track of your IT spending.
    -Professional IT professionals with advanced training are available.
    -Reduce IT personnel costs by only paying for the tasks and skill sets you require at the time they are required.
    -Make use of a collection of IT security services and tools.

    The Softlabx Operations Team provides day-to-day support for the IT systems that are required to run your business. IT environment operations assistance is always customized to address your operational needs and can be given to your or our infrastructure. The following IT outsourcing services are available through Softlabx managed IT support:

    -Services for backup and disaster recovery

    -Cloud Hosting Services that also are Managed

    -Design, implementation, management, and monitoring of IT infrastructure

    -Help Desk Services in India 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    -Strategy and planning for IT

    -Services for IT Security

    Softlabx manages applications, patching, updates, servers, databases, networks, mobile devices, IT security, and end-user support for you as your “outsourced IT department.” Allow your IT employees to concentrate on your key business efforts while we handle all of your IT support needs.


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      Top most popular FAQs about Managed IT Outsourcing

      What are managed IT services?

      The managed services model is the process of proactively outsourcing business processes to reduce the costs of maintaining a process in-house. Managed services are the outsourcing of your company’s information technology management and maintenance to an external provider. In the most simple terms, it’s paying another company to look after it matters in your business.

      What does a managed service provider do?

      A managed services provider often referred to simply as an MSP, is a company external to your business responsible for providing its services to you. Following are only a few examples of what is included in managed it services. An MSP proactively works to maintain the technology in your business, offers remote support, creates its disaster recovery plans, and develops business continuity solutions. Connected platforms are one of such managed, service providers, in India.

      What are the benefits of managed services?

      One of the primary benefits when working with a managed services provider is cost reduction in your business. Working with an MSP improves your business operation by letting your staff focus on their work, instead of dealing with its problems. An MSP is proactive; they anticipate problems and fix issues before they happen. For a predictable, ongoing fee, managed services enable your business to have ongoing, professional support without the need and the overheads of keeping a team of its professionals on your payroll.

      My company data/customer data is private. Can I still outsource?

      Absolutely. You can guarantee that your data will be secure if the outsourcing provider is compliant based on the latest security certifications: PCI & HIPAA, soc I, and soc 2 type 2. Cgs holds these certifications across all our bpo sites to ensure optimum security and reliability.

      Are your services cost-effective?

      Yes. When you outsource to Softlabx you be assured of saving more than 40-50% of your operating costs. Although we provide our customers with cost-competitive services, we do not compromise on quality. Outsource now and get access to quality solutions while cutting down costs.

      What is the difference between managed IT services and outsourcing?

      The two terms are often taken to mean the same thing; indeed, both models are closely related to each other with one marked difference between the two. In this case, outsourcing means sourcing service or a product from a third party without them managing the supplied solution on your behalf. In this instance, you may need to hire and maintain a team of in-house professionals to look after everything. Conversely, in managed services, the third party both supplies and operates the service – there is no need for an in-house team.

      How does a managed service provider work?

      An MSP works remotely where possible. At connected platforms, where necessary, we will send technicians to your location as required.

      Who are managed IT services for?

      You might think that managed services are for big enterprises with large budgets, but you could not be more wrong. At connected platforms, we support smes primarily, that is small to medium enterprises. In other words, small businesses like yours!

      Do you sign non-disclosure agreements and SLAs?

      Yes. We sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements for every customer who outsources to Softlabx. Outsource to Softlabx and experience worry-free outsourcing.

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