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    Internet of things (IoT) has emerged as the key technology enabler for digital transformation and proved to be a growth driver for businesses across industries and domains. Businesses of all sizes in every industry are looking to IoT development services & IoT solution providers to develop, secure, and maintain the integration of their IoT solutions. Is iot worth calling a revolution? Yes. Revolution is directly proportional to change. And the internet of things has brought about much disruption, in positively every field and industry, for it to cause a powerful technology and an industrial revolution.

    There are innumerable use cases of IoT, few of them being – access to real-time data to get actionable insights, remote monitoring for performance intelligence and health analytics of the assets, m2m communication to prevent downtime, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and if augmented with a digital twin, it can help organizations in predictive maintenance and save them from sudden downtime or failure of machines or equipment. The rise in IoT development services in India and other geographies is a testament to the huge potential possessed by it.

    Machines, game consoles, kitchen appliances – many of the devices we use for work or amusement already communicate with each other via the internet. In recent years, things have evolved rapidly with support and innovative solutions from leading IoT solution providers in India. And these things will continue to change how we interact with our surroundings and with each other.

    The steady fall in the price of sensors and communication technology, combined with a parallel rise in the understanding of how widely they can be applied, has increased the application of IoT technologies resulting in innovations across industries. And has given rise to the success of so many IoT development companies in India. It software development companies in India have moved to the operational phase, already delivering incredible value in several industries, ranging from healthcare to logistics to energy to manufacturing and beyond. This is why today you will come across several IoT development services in India that offer innovative solutions to help you harness all the might of the internet. With the level of transformation it has brought about for optimizing businesses, there are several businesses across the world— big and small, that are utilizing its power to stay ahead of the curve. And as a result, the best IoT companies in India have contributed much to enhancing operational efficiency and productivity by customizing IoT solutions for various businesses.


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      Top most popular FAQs about IoT

      What is the internet of things? What is an example?

      The internet of things (IoT) is a network of devices, embedded with electronics and software that can exchange data across the internet. E.G. Remote sensors and control across networks. There are 8.4 billion IoT class devices in 2017.

      What are the advantages of the internet of things?

      It can be used for home automation, smart cities, smart power grid, smarter transport, smarter workplace, performance tracking, and smarter supply chain. It provides more information for better decisions across a range of industries. This can be to improve product quality in manufacturing, device predictive maintenance, improved environmental management, tracking human health, reducing energy usage, and raising supply chain tracking.

      What is a public IP and why is it necessary for IoT?

      For IoT to communicate across the internet requires a public internet protocol (IP) address. This is usually provided by your internet providers and kept in your network router or modem. One public ip address is used by all your internal private IP address devices like computers and IoT devices. For smartphones, your public IP address is controlled by your phone carrier. Public IP addresses allow IoT devices to communicate with cloud computing applications and share data.

      What is the difference between machine learning and IoT?

      IoT is used to collect real-world data and act on it based on set rules. e.g. track heart rate and upload daily. Machine learning uses big data to improve its performance over time by creating its own rules. e.g. Predictive analysis for patient health before emergencies occur. This can save lives and reduce health costs.

      What is the relationship between IoT and cloud computing?

      Cloud computing can perform IoT the following functions: IoT device authentication, internet network validation, data validation, information queues for processing, information storage, information databases, information-based control responses, machine learning, website reporting, SMS reporting, email reporting, and enterprise systems interfacing. Cloud computing can also be set up to detect set alert conditions and maintain audit trails.

      What are the things in IoT?

      IoT things include sensors, controllers, actuators, edge computing, networking, device management, connectivity management, data management, applications, and cloud computing.

      What is the future of the internet of things?

      The high growth areas for IoT include security and surveillance, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse, facility management, industrial asset management, smart products, energy management, and fleet management. Iot can provide more product features to customers, it can be used for managed services of devices, iot data can help with product evolution, it can help with product consumables reordering, predictive maintenance when needed based on usage and data. Iot can get efficiency by smoother machine control that can improve over time.

      How to use raspberry pi for the internet of things?

      Raspberry pi is a small and cheap single-board computer. It can run Linux or Windows 10 core operating systems. There are 40 inputs or outputs for sensors and control devices. For communications, they can use Bluetooth, wifi, or ethernet networking. For storage, they use MicroSD storage cards. There are USB ports for peripherals. The display can be via an HDMI port. Power is from micro USB 5 volts similar to a phone or tablet charger. Raspberry pi can be used as IoT edge computing for a local area network of microcontroller-based devices to communicate to the internet.

      What is the future of AI in IOT?

      Natural language devices like google home and amazon echo allow your voice to control your surroundings, ask for information, listen to the news, ask about the weather, communicate with others, and control your television. Vehicles can have it for navigation, maintenance updates, traffic warnings, self-driving, and most efficient route selection. IoT and cameras can detect human moods which can be used in retail. IoT and video can be used for security threat identification. IoT and machinery can identify machine failure early to prevent catastrophes.

      What technology is involved with IoT?

      Sensors, microcontroller, companion circuit boards, relays, servo motors, Bluetooth networking, Zigbee networking, wifi, ethernet networking, LCD displays, touch screens, speakers, RFID tags, home-based web servers, home network hubs, low powered wide area networks, cellular networks, internet broadband, and cloud computing.

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