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Data Backup & Security

    Data Backup & Security

    A successful company’s lifeblood is data. It enables businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to the world’s largest corporations, to keep doing business as usual while also growing through data-driven initiatives. The problem is that, with so much of modern corporate success reliant on well-maintained and easily available data, the risks of data loss have never been more critical. Data backup services can help with this.

    This is a challenge in a hybrid multicloud environment. Softlabx provides a comprehensive threat management and cyber incident recovery solution that protects you from attacks and enables for quick recovery in the event of a cyber incident.

    -for hybrid workloads, integrates and optimizes security operations visibility, administration, and monitoring.
    -the orchestration of security policies, threat detection, threat disposition, and incident response remediation are all automated.
    -supports the whole threat management lifecycle with capabilities. – drives a cloud-agnostic security and recovery service with a single pane of glass for on-premise and multicloud environments, including aws, azure, and vmware saas.

    Why choose softlabx?
    Softlabx enables recovery testing, monitoring, administration, and reporting across hybrid multicloud settings by intelligently automating data protection and disaster recovery operations. Save time with more intelligent automation.
    Maintain disaster recovery readiness in the cloud Simplify catastrophe recovery processes by enabling a lifecycle approach to recovery.


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      Top most popular FAQs about Data Backup & Security

      What data do I need to backup?

      We recommend that you backup more than you need as some data may be overlooked. You can always remove files later from your backups but you cannot retrieve data you never backed up. Performed full image backups and incremental backups.

      How do I know my backups are working?

      There are several ways to check the status of your backup. Depending on your backup solution, reporting on a daily basis can be emailed to an assigned backup operator. If your backup solution offers anytime-anywhere access, check your backup status by logging on to the website or by using your mobile device. Check backup solutions frequently, they do fail from time to time.

      Is my backup data protected?

      Typically, data is encrypted with the highest encryption technology available and password protected for double protection. Keep this information safe as you will need it to restore the data when the time comes.

      How much storage do I need?

      At a minimum, Softlabx recommends to plan your existing data size x 3 as your required storage. Remember you will have multiple copies of the same data and full images for servers. Depending on how often your backups run and what level of multi-version backups is required for your business, storage requirements vary. The more storage space available the better.

      How often should I do my backups?

      How often do you update your data? Softlabx recommends to do daily backups at a minimum. Consider doing full image monthly backups of your servers. Workstations backups on a daily basis when necessary as well.

      What other recommendations should I follow for my backup plan?

      Monitor. Monitor. Monitor.
      The most common fault we find with backups is that end users assume backups are taking place but never bother to check. Data corruption or data loss can strike at any time. Be proactive and do check the status of your backups. Often, end users place responsibility on the least qualified person to monitor and troubleshoot the backups. Have a professional help you plan your data backup and disaster recovery in a way that best works for your business. Softlabx offers planning, monitoring and reporting services for your business. Always test your backup system to recover files from time to time.

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