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PPC Management Services

    PPC Management Services


    PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best ways to target your most qualified audience. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and gain a leg up against competitors.

    Softlabx can deliver a custom PPC campaign to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our PPC management services.

    Why Paid Search Works
    There are more opportunities today to reach your customers and prospects than ever before. At the same time, there’s more competition. Results pages and social media platforms are flooded with content. Millions of blogs, videos, and graphics are published every single minute. This information overload makes it harder than ever to get your message in front of the people who matter most.

    Unless you use paid search. Paid search campaigns allow you to target your audiences (based on who there are, where they live, what their interests are, and more) and guarantee that your message hits its mark.

    We Keep You Involved
    We’ve heard the horror stories before – a campaign manager will take your money, disappear for months at a time, only to reappear with a tiny synopsis of what he’s been doing while he’s been gone.

    But paid search is a real-time strategy. We think you deserve to know what’s happening with your campaigns, every step of the way. Our proprietary platform helps keep you in the know, and our hands-on project management team delivers reports regularly.

    Whether our campaigns are succeeding, faltering, or in a lull, you have a right to know what’s going on, as well as what our team is doing to meet your goals and deliver the ROI you expect.


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      Top most popular FAQs about PPC Management Services

      What does PPC stands for?

      PPC is abbreviated for pay-per-click. The abbreviation stands as a model of internet marketing. In internet marketing, the advertisers have to pay a fee. The fee is paid only on clicking the ads. The number of times the advertisers click on the ads; the fee is paid in the same way. Rather than organically attaining to “earn,” it is a method to concentrate visits to your site. In a search engine’s sponsored links, ppc allows advertisers to place a bid for ads and count the business offering from then. Here, the publisher can either be a website owner or a network of websites.

      What is PPC campaign?

      PPC campaigns or Pay-per-click campaigns are a wholesome concept to effective advertisements. From adding PPC keywords to negative keywords, splitting ad words, reviewing costly PPC keywords, and refining landing pages, PPC campaigns make sure that every bit of an ad is constructed properly. If you are concentrating more on paid search accounts, campaigns play a selective and highest-level role. Bing Ads or single Ad Words may account for only one campaign. PPC campaign demands logic, relevancy, and organized content for placing the bids at high stakes. If any of the three elements fall short, then it would not draw traffic. Paid search management campaigns can also be ensured through online services.

      Should I use SEO over PPC or PPC over SEO?

      To answer this question, you need to understand the basic underlying principle that is holding both the SEO and PPC or search engine optimization and pay-per-click in a thread. If you are going to use SEO, it will be like you are buying the house but not the land. So where are you going to stay? Nowhere, right? So, SEO cannot be chosen over PPC. PPC is a different channel, and SEO is another customer acquisition channel. A PPC uses a constant influx of funds to keep it running. Pay-per-click is a short-term advertising tool, whereas SEO is generally slower and uses long-term traffic for the growth of the traffic. So, if you need the ball to roll, choose PPC, or if you have long-term plans, you can go for SEO.

      How does PPC help my business to grow?

      The benefits of PPC can be outlined in various ways. There are some proven points that amount to a successful search engine marketing strategy. PPC yields fast results, which are much needed for small businesses to grow. PPC is the fastest way to run an advertising campaign to get instant results. As you can measure the profits, costs, visits, and clicks, you can learn how much you have spent and is a loss of profit is. You need to determine this that helps in growing on the faulty part. PPC campaign formulates that particular segment that needs to be set in for the right audiences. PPC recognizes the brand, opens doors to local customers, is budget-friendly, and is a great tool for functionality and rich reporting. All these characteristics facilitate growth in business.

      What is AdSense?

      Google ad sense or ad sense is an advertising service derived from google. This service permits website owners to earn money on their website by uploading or posting ads from google ad words. Using javascript, the ads are generated depending on the content the viewer is wishing to visit. Computer Hope is an amazing example of a website using google ad sense. Ads. It matches with the nearest keyword and then displays contextual ads. You just have to sign in and add a code to the site, after that you can easily earn money. The most used programs of ad sense are ad sense for content, domains, search, feeds, and mobile. You can get the revenue details on an impression basis or per click basis.

      What is PPC test?

      PPC tests or pay-per-click testing in ad words campaigns permit endorsers to improve conversion rates on their pay-per-click campaigns continuously. It is quite impossible to adhere to the actual sentiment of the user. And on top of it, the user’s behavior is certainly not in the hands of the system to predict. So, when the campaigns are launched, they try to come closer to the production line, and they bring down the productivity graph to the maximum. With the PPC split testing, more landing pages and fault-proof ads are constructed. Split testing enables assurance, call-to-action, credibility elements, display URLs, offers, questions versus statements, and price statements. The landing page split testing is equally important as the landing pages.

      Why should we use PPC marketing?

      PPC marketing is an exclusive nomenclature for people to search for your products or search engines or services. You should use pay-per-click marketing not because it will earn you money but because it will let the viewers receive the ads strategically. PPC advocates marketing to search for your business. It can yield you immediate results. The entire work of PPC marketing depends on the first look. If you get into a store and obtain at first sight what you have desired for, it will make you happy. Similarly, PPC marketing enables searchers to view what they have typed. Ppc marketing pulls in quality traffic. Pay-per-click marketing increases lead to revenue and sales.

      How much time it takes to launch a PPC campaign?

      PPC campaigning performance depends on the goals you have fixed for your website. According to surveys and technological analysts, a minimum period of 3 months will be required to ramp results. As PPC works in the short-term strategy, a minimum of three months is required to run your campaigns for Pay-per-click. As Google’s algorithm is complex and strict, in the first week, your account will be analyzed by Google, which will affect your performance. The three months periodic time will include constant campaign budget management, exploring new keywords to expand your account, adjusting keyword bids to get a read on performance, engagement and costs, testing new ad copy and ad extensions, identification of new genres to direct and bid on your accounts like demographics, devices, and locations. After this, you can take more time to dive into results directly.

      Are PPC results measurable?

      Google and bing supply with certain full-proved metrics that will help you to measure PPC results. Google has added certain words in the ad words glossary that can determine the test results. Clicks:- the number of times when someone clicks on your ads is addressed as clicks. Impressions:- in a search results page, the number of times your ad is displayed is known as impressions. Cost:- the number of clicks calculated in total amounts to cost. Click-through rate (CTR):- the result obtained by dividing the percentage of clicks divided by impressions. Average cost per click (CPC):- when the total cost is divided by the number of clicks, you get CPC. Average position:- the place in the results page obtained by your ad is considered to be the average position. Impression share:- the percentage or the approximation your ad could have been seen vs. The actual number of times it was shown. Conversions:- within a specific period, how many times someone clicked on an ad and completed action is defined as a conversion.

      Can I make my own changes after the initial design and set up are complete?

      Yes. Changes can be made just as easily as they can be made on your actual website, if not easier. If additional help is needed, we offer a solution for that as well.

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