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    Online Identity Creation


    Let’s start with the basics. A brand identity is just like a human identity. It’s the little quirks, personality traits, and even the everyday behaviors that define your brand. It’s what sets you apart as more than just a clone of competitors in your industry, and helps to build relationships with your target users.

    Your brand identity, therefore, includes everything you use to position and market your brand, including your logo design, your communication materials, your website, and your social media presence. Discovering how to create a brand identity should help you to:

    • Improve customer affinity with your company.
    • Enhance the trust and credibility people place in your brand.
    • Upgrade recognition by giving your business a personality.
    • Generate new inquiries leading to clients and customers.
    • Define the unique aspects of your business.

    Why is branding important?

    We know that your logo and identity need to stay “Adaptable” for the future and consider the big picture when making these important choices. Most importantly, we know that no matter where it is seen it has to be the best it can be.

    A company with an expansive presence will quickly find that their logo and branding needs to be ever adapting to new formats and presentation styles. Gone are the days when a logo can be thrown together and stuck to a business card–where company letterhead can be forgotten about. The nuance and adaptive nature of logo and branding need to be ever-present in the identity design process.

    Why choose Softlabx?

    • We offer tailored brand identity design services by creating online and offline visual elements to make your organization’s public face.
    • We work on comprehending your principles, organizational objectives, and vision in order to transform them into actionable branding strategies.
    • Our branding professionals connect with your target audience on different platforms to build your brand’s identity.

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    We understand the design requirements of the internet ecosystem and our prosecution is largely professional. Our platoon is largely flexible that takes your requirements into consideration and designs results that fit your hand in glove. Having worked with global brands of different nature we’ve a robust exploration platoon to gather marketing intel before we do. We know just what you need to be the coming unicorn.

      Top most popular FAQs about Online Identity Creation

      Who is Your Ideal Customer?

      If your brand hasn’t developed buyer persona profiles or robust profiles of your ideal customers, this is the first place to start. Your buyer personas should shape almost every aspect of your brand identity. Determine what your buyer personas value from a brand.
      Are they looking for cost savings or the highest quality?
      Do they want deep relationships with their vendors or convenience?
      By understanding your ideal buyer’s pain points and priorities, you can formulate a relevant identity.

      What Kind of Personality Do You Have?

      Brand personality is defined as a “human set of characteristics” that are connected to a brand. Brands with a strong, well-defined personality instantly win some like-ability points because customers are able to relate to them on a personal level.

      Human personalities are rarely single-faceted. Brand personalities shouldn’t be, either. When you are in the beginning stages of defining your personality, it may be helpful to think in terms of archetypes. Some household brands and associated personality archetypes could include:

      Apple: Rebel
      Taco Bell: Jester
      REI: Outdoors-lover
      Target: Bold
      Subway: Optimist
      Whole Foods: Peace-lover

      What Pain Points Do You Solve?

      Your customers don’t start looking for your company because their lives are perfect. Chances are, you offer a product or service that will solve a problem. Maybe you offer personal finance software, and they’re tired of over-drafting their bank account. Perhaps you do compliance training, and they’re worried about regulatory requirement-related fines. Your customers need you because of an existing pain point, or problem.

      Your brand identity should instantly communicate how you solve these problems.
      Do you offer peace of mind?
      Workplace efficiency?
      The most convenient office supply delivery around?
      Regardless of how your brand connects with your customers, your ability to solve problems should be at the core of your brand identity.

      What is Your Competition?

      Competitive analysis can be a helpful first step towards developing any marketing strategy. Brand identity is no exception. The branding lessons you can glean from your competitors can vary significantly according to your industry, and the level of competition you’re facing.

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      Your competitors could be textbook examples of poorly-defined brand identity. They may have little-to-no voice consistency across digital mediums, and a logo that’s unoriginal. Perhaps they have an excellent brand identity that’s memorable, unique, and incredibly easy to like. Regardless of where your competitors stand, use their statuses as a starting place for creating a brand identity that’s objectively better.

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