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    Facebook Ads


    With facebook’s massive audience (it has more than two billion monthly users), as well as advanced targeting options and diverse ad types, it’s a must-use advertising channel for companies that want to grow.

    At Softlabx, we offer Facebook ad management services that help your business take complete advantage of Facebook. From creating your strategy and ad creatives to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide an all-in-one solution to Facebook advertising.

    Why is Facebook advertising important?

    Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand online, be an influencer in your industry and achieve your business goals. The leading social media network boasts over 2 billion active users, with users spending several hours per week on their platform. It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising in the modern era. The CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, using a Facebook ad account ranges from $5-10. This means that you can literally spend less than $10 and reach over 1,000 people- 1,000 targeted people. Facebook advertising presents the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach their desired audience and sell directly to them. It is also available in different ad formats such as dynamic, carousel, video, slideshow, and more. Monitoring these ad campaigns’ performance is a breeze too with their real-time analytics. Businesses that can successfully implement Facebook ads in their marketing strategy can significantly grow their business in a predictable, measurable fashion. Because of this, Facebook advertising is fundamental to the success of business owners who wish to grow quickly no matter what type of business they may have- b2b, eCommerce, and b2c.

    Why choose Softlabx for your Facebook advertising?

    Our social media marketing experts use Facebook PPC advertising campaigns to take your small business internet marketing to the next level. We manage every detail of your advertising campaign, from initial set-up to weekly monitoring, and we make adjustments based on the campaign’s performance to help you get the most leads for the lowest price. With more than 1.4 billion active users, Facebook makes it easier than ever before to connect with your targeted audience and generate more sales for your small business. Facebook advertising can position your brand directly in front of a very specific cross-section of users on mobile devices or desktops, serving ads to people based on their age, sex, location, income, interests, workplace, education, and more. For as little as $5 per day, you can make sure your small business reaches the people who matter most: your potential customers.


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      Top most popular FAQs about Facebook Ads

      Why should I use Facebook ads?

      Facebook ads are more user-friendly to set up than Google AdWords because they can reach customers early on in the buying process even before they are aware of their desires. Moreover, it results in an instant influx of traffic to your website, which is good for SEO.

      Is it worth to spend money on Facebook?

      For that, you need to determine your return on investment before you create your ad and pay for it. Even though the cost per click is relatively cheaper and more effective than some other social media platforms, if you are not getting the intended revenue, then probably it’s not worth the effort.

      Is there a way to know the industry-wide average cost per click?

      Although the data changes according to the dynamics in the market and the economic situation, the workstream researched the Facebook ads performance of 256 of its us-based clients. They came up with many helpful benchmarks. It can give you some guidance for your Facebook ad campaigns. But the best option is to create your ad and tweak and re-tweak it to see what produces the best results.

      Why do Facebook ads get rejected after submission?

      Facebook can reject your submitted ad campaign if it does not comply with its advertising policies. One of the common reasons for Facebook rejection is due to the image having too much text. Text-heavy pictures get lower distribution and engagement from viewers than no text images.

      Do I have control of where my ads appear?

      Once you set up your ad targeting based on geographic location, interests, groups, sex, income level, etc. you pretty much give up control of where exactly your ads appear. However, Facebook has a fantastic feature in the manage ad page where you can review the list of URLs where your ads appeared. Facebook recommends updating this list every 30 days by blacklisting those URLs where you do not want your ads to appear.

      How can I generate sales leads for my product using Facebook ads?

      You can generate sales leads by first creating the ad campaign and boosting the page. Once you’ve done that, set the audience and budget for the advertisement. You can also customize the text and image in the ad. Choose lead generation as your object, and it will walk you through the various steps involved. The call to action will link to a form where you can collect the details of the sales leads according to however you have set it up.

      How do I know what type of audience to choose for my product?

      Start with a base audience and then broaden it by adding one category at a time. You can also create several ads with different audience groups related to your business goals. Monitor the ads and then pick one or two groups that have generated the best results and replicate them for your next ads.

      What kind of images work best for Facebook ads?

      Images with people fair better than others. Hence, many advertisers showcase the employees behind your business when creating Facebook ads. Also, unique and funny photos with personalities work well for some companies. Use your judgment and discretion when choosing the images as they may clash with your business brand.

      How do I track the website traffic from my Facebook ad?

      You can track the website traffic generated from your Facebook ads using Facebook Pixel. Facebook can create pixel codes for your website. Install it on your site if you are the one who manages your website, or you ask your website administrator to do it for you. Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that you can implement on your website, allowing you to track the site traffic. It is essential to test and confirm if your pixel is firing correctly after setting it up.

      What are the different types of Facebook ad formats?

      There are 8 Facebook ad formats. They are video ads, story ads, photo ads, carousel ads, messenger ads, collection ads, slideshow ads, and playable ads. Using the right format for your ad is just as important as the ad copy and imagery. Please take advantage of each of them and see what they have to offer. The expectations and results from Facebook ad campaigns differ based on ad quality, investment, industry, budget, audience, and other many more variables. The only way to determine the exact effectiveness of facebook advertising for your business is to make an effort, create the ads using the guidelines, try it out and then monitor the results.

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